Two New (to me) Rovers on the Way


Two new Rovers are on their way. Both purchased from Ike Goss of Pangolin 4×4 in Oregon. This one is a survivor, 1959 Series 2 109 pickup, owned from new by one family. It has all of the proper Series 2 bits…..rotary vent openers, horn stalk, vacuum assist blinker switch, hinged seat box covers……also has one piece doors and a tropical skinned pickup cab. This one is a keeper, my plan is to just preserve it and drive it as-is………it’s one of the coolest Series trucks I’ve seen.


Front view………note the Series 2 radiator apron.

photo 1

Number two……..1963 Series 2A 109 three door. A nice straight truck but needs some love. This one will get the full treatment…… ton frame, 200 TDI, Salisbury, Ashcroft, tropical pickup cab, etc.

photo 5

Lots of work ahead!!

Bring A Trailer Auction – 1963 Series IIA 109 1-Tonne Pickup


Probably should have added this to the site a week ago. My 109 is now being auctioned on the website Bring A Trailer ( It’s a great site with a daily selection of all kinds of vehicles from all over with some great commentary from regulars on the site, and they are now auctioning off select vehicles every week or so. The 109 auction ends tomorrow, check it out if you have the chance.


Off to Indiana

The British Invasion 2014, Stowe, VT


700 plus examples of the best British iron on the east coast


The line of Rovers, Series and D90’s back to back…….a pretty good showing this year


I brought the 109 pickup and the 88 “Merc”……….and stuffed the Jack Piner and the ’71 Desert Sled in between them……….the little Sled drew more of a crowd than the Rovers!


Very clean Series 1


I might have to own a 101 some day…….there’s something about them….


My friend Rupert’s Range Rover. I think it’s now running a 4.6 liter hot motor. Tons of beautifully done upgrades on this one completed by Congelton Racing and Restoration


G4 Disco……..for whatever reason, I like these too


V8 Triumphs a’plenty


I just liked the pipes


Timeless E’s


My friends Gene & Barb’s 1968 E-Type…..they are the original owners, pretty damn cool


Austin-Healey 100S……another bucket-list car for me


Just put the cuffs on now


This Mini should get an award for coolest/cleanest re-power


Honda 16 Valve V-Tech motor, artfully installed…..ultra slick work


Lotus Espirit…….I’ve always liked them, but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t afford to keep one running


The business end of a Morgan 3-wheeler

photo 1

One of my favorites this year, Sunbeam Tiger with a stunning paint job

photo 3

And this little V8………the owner was kind enough to touch this one off for me……one of the best sounding small blocks I’ve heard


New Jag………….oh my!


A couple of pre-unit “as-new” Triumphs, a ’51 and a ’58


Works of art


A rare bird…..1922 Lea-Francis motocycle


The Lea-Francis brakes, wood block on a V-rim……….I’ll never again whine about my bikes with drum brakes!