Bits4Landys…………Series Land Rover Parts Supplier/Manufacturer


Thought I would give a recommendation for a great parts supplier/manufacurer in the UK, Bits4Landys. This is not the first time I’ve gone to these folks for parts, and certainly won’t be the last. They manufacture parts for Series Rovers that are NLA, and actually improve on original designs and materials in most cases. They are a great company to deal with, shipping is amazingly fast (3 – 4 days to the east coast), and product is top notch quality.


Aluminum floor plates (1/8″ thick), rear body angle, stainless exhaust hangers, and stainless rear brake pipe shields.


Laser cut floor plates.


Stainless exhaust hangers.


Stainless rear brake pipe shields.


Rear body angle, heavy stock 5083 aluminum, this is the third one I’ve bought from Bits4. It’s a pain in the butt part to install/replace, but in my opinion this is the correct fix for the thin and rotted stock rear body angles.

Check them out, lots more parts than what you see here, and most are parts you wonder how you’re going to replace/restore/remanufacture. If you’re restoring an old Series Rover these folks can make you life a whole lot easier!

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  1. Delighted you like our products and thanks for the great recommendation.
    We endeavour to supply the best possible parts that are needed to restore and keep running of older Solihull products.
    Any suggestions for future items for us to manufacture are most welcome.

  2. You’re very welcome, and well deserved. You make some great, top quality products that make my life a lot easier! If I were to ask for one single item it would be a quality outer front wing panel…… least in the USA good used ones have all but disappeared and it seems that no one is n a hurry to reproduce them.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. I have also been getting parts from bits 4 landys as well and they are awesome. The seat box parts are great and highly recommend the aluminum tool box conversion. I am currently rebuilding a 109 SW tub with a bunch of parts from them. They are so close to original that they just drop into place.

  4. I’ve used lots of new parts from B4L as part of my Series 2a restoration. Amazing quality. Nice to see others giving them a shout out on their websites.

  5. Been buying parts from Bits4Landys for quite some time…………..I think back to when about the only parts in production were the Series floor plates.

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