Series 2 109 Pickup Dismantled – and so it begins


The 109 pickup is scheduled to get it’s forty layers of poorly applied paint soda blasted off next week, so it’s time for it to come apart.


Piles of parts……the truck came apart remarkably easy and quickly revealed that it’s truly a really nice, complete, rust-free truck that fell victim to a lot of poor paint work.


A rare headliner/interior for the pickup cab, complete and in fantastic shape!


All aluminum Series 2 beatbox in fantastic condition with all of the captive nuts still in place.


Under drivers seat tool box, again, in great shape, no dents, holes, corrosion…….awesome!


A set of freshly built sliders waiting to go to the galvanizers stored under the truck.


The banjo wheel also in good restorable condition.


All galvanized trim removed and ready to be re-coated.


The original hardware still in good shape will be cleaned up in a vibratory tumbler and then sent out to be re-coated.


Parts stacked up everywhere. Small parts I’ll just finish in-house in the blast cabinet, the big stuff (body panels, bed, bulkhead) go off site to be soda blasted.


And here’s the real gift this truck has given……a virtually perfect Series 2 bulkhead. This thing is in amazing condition, as layers of grease and old glued on interiors pieces came off a near perfect 56 year old bulkhead revealed itself.


It’s so nice I almost don’t want to use it and hang it on the wall just to prove they still exist!!

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