The Tin Shack


The Tin Shack………….it’s actually an old hangar, built in the 1960’s and purchased about four years ago by my good friend Ryan who rents space to support my Rover and bike habit . It’s a place that every gear-head that has restored, built, or just serviced a car, truck, or motorcycle in a one car garage or under a tarp in the side yard, has dreamed of having. Your very own 15 car garage with two lifts, rack storage, compressor, good lighting, warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and no neighbors to piss off when you touch off that angle grinder at 8am Sunday morning. It also came with a second smaller hangar that serves as dry storage for parts, toys, and future projects…………nirvana for the skinned knuckles crowd.

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  1. Awesome work you are doing! I’m building an 88″ series pickup on a disco 1 frame at the moment. It’s got a near perfect bulkhead. The plan is to leave the patina on the truck, but I want to seal up the bulkhead to try to avoid the rot.
    Thoughts? Galvanize?

  2. Well, you’ll never beat galvanizing for rust prevention/longevity, I’ve never dipped a bulkhead myself, preferring to seam seal, self-etch prime, epoxy prime, then paint. I think if you do a good job prepping and sealing before paint you’ll not have any problems during your lifetime!

  3. Hi Guys,

    I love the concept here, I hope more posts will be coming soon. I really like the 109 pick resto. I have one myself and I am looking for the 16″ tires you used on the build. Can you let me know what brand and model. the look is great.

    thanks in advance, Ron

  4. Hi Ron,
    The tires are Michelin 7.50X16 XZL’s available from Rovers North or Pangolin 4×4.

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