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  1. That really is one gorgeous looking truck. Nice work on the diff and shackles too. I hope you get a good long run of trouble free motoring now.

  2. Thanks Ian……..that front axle was quite a job, hopefully won’t be doing it again any time soon. Here’s a question for you……..my standard length Old Man Emu shocks were just about at their limit with the parabolics and military frame, and now with the extended shackles they’re topped right out, have any suggestions for a decent longer shock?

  3. Nice work – came across this by accident. Terrafirma make a very good longer shock – comparable in build quality to OME

  4. Hi Craig,
    Thanks very much. Do you possibly have the Terrra part numbers for Series trucks?

  5. Colby, apologies for the late reply, it has been a hectic few weeks with Christmas holidays etc. I have used Pro Comp 9000 gas shocks from Rocky Mountain for both my trucks as they claim to be made specifically to suit the extra lift given by the paras.

    I have both the 88″ and 109″ versions as shown on this page: http://www.rockymountainspares.co.uk/?page_id=41

    I found the paint quality dreadful though and I actually sanded them down and painted them myself in black which I prefer as it looks stock and I applied a lacquer too. The shocks on my wifes truck have done 10K miles / 3 years motoring in heavily salted UK winter road conditions and are still as good as the day I painted them. I find the ride is quite harsh though, especially as I opted for the heavy duty 4 leaf paras. I think in all honesty I don’t think there is much improvement over the original springs and shocks.

    I’m also not convinced they are that much longer than stock, when fitting I found that with the chassis supported on axle stands and with the wheels removed the unloaded springs on stock shackles had the pro comps at full stretch as shown here: http://mud4fun.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/138390.jpg. Obviously I need to fit the axle straps to limit the travel to prevent damage off road but it suggests that these shocks are still too short for the bar as you have the extended shackles to cater for too.



  6. Thanks Ian……….That’s how mine looked to begin with (with 3 leaf paras and military frame and shackles), so the Rocky versions will probably be too short. I’ll figure something out, but just as things are busy with you, I’m going to get to it after New Years.
    Thanks again,

  7. Hi Colby.. Andy from Lanny’s here.
    Lanny told me about your site so here I am.. nice job on all your toys.
    cheers. Andy..

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