Numbers Match………and it’s a 1959!


There it is…..stamped into the right front spring hanger. I was a little nervous… of those things that I’m never satisfied until I see it myself. The original frame stamping matches up to the serial number plate screwed to the bulkhead, and the truck is a ’59, not a ’60. A good reference site for ciphering your own serial numbers is here. The number was under 56 years of paint, undercoating, and at least two layers of POR15!

I finally have the truck in the shop so I’ve been poking around it a bit while waiting for some parts to finish the Harley Sportster. The frame is in amazing condition……actually the entire underside of the truck is great…….it’s nice to be working on a truck that won’t lose half it’s weight in rust when sent to the media blaster.


The matching interior data plate.


And a gun rack!! Probably won’t stay, but it’s kind of cool.


Stopped by the local steel supplier today and picked up the raw materials for a pair of sliders.


Sliders built, just need to weld in the jack point tubes……..and make the brackets……..and have them galvanized………a long way from finished.

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