Another Great Rover Find!


Nope, not this one. This ’63 was just too far gone so it’s now a parts truck.


All salvaged, except I’ll keep the axles too.


Wings, hood, galvanized trim, breakfast, bed & seat box are in the lower building.

And check out the top shelf……regular cab complete top with safari sheet and in great condition…..find another one of those!! (Thanks Ike)


Here’s the find……1960 Series II 109 Pickup straight out of Southern California. Another survivor that had passed through Ike’s (Pangolin 4×4) hands at one point.


Rust free, original frame, all of the requisite Series II parts……an honest truck.


Runs great, and could be used just as it is………….


But, there must be ten layers of paint (and everything has been painted!!), so in my book that gives me license to take this one down to a bare frame and make it new again.

So, every nut, bolt, rivet, panel, wire, and piece of glass will get touched on this one. The plan is to refresh/rebuild the engine, probably a Series III transmission for ease of driving, parabolics, Pangolin 8274 bumper, I’ll build some sliders for it, I have an original Rover Series II 3/4 canvas (still has Land Rover parts tags) that will go on the truck, and possibly the safari top will go on this truck.

I’m excited about this one……… will be an “as-new” Series II truck with nearly all of it’s original parts!!

Stay tuned!

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