The “Merc” being auctioned on Bring a Trailer


My 1960 Series 2 88 is now being auctioned on Bring A Trailer. Great website if you’re a strait up car nut, and all kinds of interesting vehicles being auctioned every week.


Never thought I would sell this one, but I also never thought I would find a 1959 Series 2 pickup, unrestored survivor, owned by the same family since new, and be able to buy it……….never say never. I don’t have room for two personal use Series trucks, so the 1960 is up for sale.


Mercedes-Benz diesel provides the power for this one. A great fit for the 88 inch wheelbase trucks. The best 4×4 ever made, coupled with arguably the best small diesel manufactured.


The 1960 88, 1963 109, 1971 Triumph, and 2012 Triumph in action……….lots of British iron.

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  1. Hi Colby, I wasn’t sure how I missed this sale… then I realized I was in the UK during the exact days of your auction. As before, I’ve mixed feelings… I’m glad that you had a successful auction and that the buyer seems really happy. I’m sad, though to see her go.

    I’m looking forward to reading about your new projects!


  2. Hi Charles,
    Thanks for the note. It was a tough decision, I built that truck for myself, have had countless offers over the years from prospective buyers, and really thought I would be buried in the thing! Then Ike waves a one owner ’59 Series 2 109 pickup under my nose that’s a running, driving, never been apart, desert survivor…….in the end, my logic was that I could duplicate the little Merc again, and it’s doubtful I would ever have another Series 2 survivor tossed my way again. On the upside, the truck went to a true car-guy, super nice to deal with, and he really enjoys the truck.
    So, onward and upward……..I’m collecting pieces for another 109 pickup build, very similar to the blue 109 I sold earlier in the year…..I’m a glutton for punishment!!
    Thanks again,

  3. Thanks very much……..I’m really happy that the new owner is putting it to good use, it’s a great truck, one of my all time favorites. I have had at least a dozen people send photos and report that my old truck is running around the Vineyard!

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