Bring A Trailer Auction – 1963 Series IIA 109 1-Tonne Pickup


Probably should have added this to the site a week ago. My 109 is now being auctioned on the website Bring A Trailer ( It’s a great site with a daily selection of all kinds of vehicles from all over with some great commentary from regulars on the site, and they are now auctioning off select vehicles every week or so. The 109 auction ends tomorrow, check it out if you have the chance.


Off to Indiana

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  1. Hi Colby,

    I hope you were happy with the results of the auction. I was curious, though, why did you decide to sell; after all, you put so much skill and effort into this vehicle – it looks beautiful. If it was a SWB… I might have been tempted to bid!

    Please consider a post recapping the delivery/pickup.


  2. Hi Charles,
    Yes, I’m happy with the auction results………will be sad to see the truck go, but it is going to a “Rover” enthusiast, that was good news. I sold the 109 because I just can’t keep them all, and in the end, I like figuring them out and building them probably more than keeping and coveting them, and I still have the 1960 SII 88 powered by a Mercedes Diesel. I have Mark Letourney on the hunt for a 1968 to ’71 1-ton pickup for me…..if he can find one, that will be the next “big build”. Those trucks never made it to the USA so it will be a challenge. In the mean time I have another motorcycle project going, and will help others with their own Rover restorations as needed.
    I’ll keep you posted on the 109 delivery,

  3. Hi Colby,

    Sorry to see the 109″ go but I’m sure the new owner will be delighted with her and it means you can get on with another one! Purely selfish you understand as I just love reading your refurbishment blogs. Sorry for the delay in commenting on this one, I’ve been away for the last week and hectic with work recently too.

    I look forward to your next project 🙂


  4. Hi Ian,
    Nice to hear from you. It was sad to see the 109 go, but, I like building them as much as I do owning and driving them……so with that said there are two more trucks on the way. First is a Series 2 109 pickup (pictured in the header image on the website home page), it’s a survivor, one long term owner……..going to just drive it and keep it healthy. The second is another ’63 Series 2A 109 pickup, nice straight body with a bad frame and some rust problems on the bulkhead……this one will get the same treatment that the blue 109 that just sold got….new frame, 200TDI, etc. Off to the races!!

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