Street Tracker Update – 4


Starting to look like a motorcycle again.


Tank is mounted, fork stops made so no dents in the tank!


Rear triangle seat support tower parts fabricated…….now you just have to tig weld them into place………straight!


Electronics tray/inner fender fabricated in stainless steel.


Lower inner fender in stainless and small blocks that will be made into tabs to mount the stainless trays/fenders.


Testing the fit.


Welding tabs onto round frame tubing and getting them in the right position is a challenge……I use this Starrett indicator holder and a few home made jigs to hold the tabs in place for tacking.


The tab-rig in place.


Tabs ready to be tacked into place…….accurately.


In place………and it took way more than 20 minutes!!


Another look………sadly it’s a part of the bike that will really never be seen, but it looks pretty cool!


Moto gadget M Unit in place. I purchased all the Moto Gadget parts (M Unit, M Switches, M Button) from Revival Cycles. Good guys down there and some great eye candy on their site if you need inspiration.

3 Replies to “Street Tracker Update – 4”

  1. Great progress 🙂

    Glad to see that I’m not the only one to abuse the mag based indictor holder, I did nearly the same thing with mine 😉

  2. Thanks Scott……the Tracker should start moving along quickly soon. I’ve been waiting for Race Tech to build a pair of custom rear shocks and it looks like they should be finished next week.
    Thanks for the interest,

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