Two New (to me) Rovers on the Way


Two new Rovers are on their way. Both purchased from Ike Goss of Pangolin 4×4 in Oregon. This one is a survivor, 1959 Series 2 109 pickup, owned from new by one family. It has all of the proper Series 2 bits…..rotary vent openers, horn stalk, vacuum assist blinker switch, hinged seat box covers……also has one piece doors and a tropical skinned pickup cab. This one is a keeper, my plan is to just preserve it and drive it as-is………it’s one of the coolest Series trucks I’ve seen.


Front view………note the Series 2 radiator apron.

photo 1

Number two……..1963 Series 2A 109 three door. A nice straight truck but needs some love. This one will get the full treatment…… ton frame, 200 TDI, Salisbury, Ashcroft, tropical pickup cab, etc.

photo 5

Lots of work ahead!!

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  1. They look great Colby! Can’t wait to see where you take them. Thanks for sharing.

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