Series 3 Wheel Restoration


Never done a Series 3 wheel before. Essentially the same material as the 2 & 2A banjo wheels, bakelite over a metal frame, and genuine examples are becoming more and more rare…… if you have a decent one, it’s worth preserving.


“Real” metal inside the hub…….column collar in the background pretty much the same as the older banjo wheels.


The wheel is in overall very nice condition, a few minor cracks to repair, and a couple of poorly done rattle can pant jobs had to be removed.


Epoxy filled cracks.


Most of the cracking of the bakelite has taken place where the spokes join the hub. Cracks were augured out and filled. Now we wait……..I’ve learned to give this stuff a solid 48 hours to cure………at home (warmer then the shop). It’s FAR easier to sand and shape after this amount of time……..Patience.

More to come…..


Ok, so this wheel is kicking my butt.


After three applications of epoxy, I’m still getting little spidering cracks around the hub (see the tape indicators). This is the frustrating part of just about any type of body work, reapplying and then waiting for material to cure properly……..48 hours after each application for this stuff.


Back to the warm dry house for another 48.


Painted in BMW Jet Black…………after umpteen hours of sanding, a coat of SEM Self-Etching primer, and a coat or SEM High Build primer.


The correct textured finish on the horn button ring.


Together and ready to ship……good as new!

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