Hypertherm Plasma Cutter

IMG_1927One of those tools that everyone wants (at least I did, and most of my friends), it’s expensive, when you finally get it you slice and dice your way through every piece of scrap metal you can find. Then you use it for a real job, realize how great it is, but you also realize that you probably won’t need it again for six months. So, worth it? Yup. For cutting through thick material I don’t think you can beat the speed and accuracy of plasma……….ok, maybe a six figure water-jet or lazer is better………..I’ll take hand held plasma for $1000 Alex.


Plasma curves through 3/16″ steel…………..”like butta”.

Kodiak Heater Restored & Installed

IMG_4887Got this one from Pangolin 4×4. All of the metal was in good shape, so it was into the blast cabinet, brought down to clean metal, cleaned up, and primed with SEM Self Etching Primer.


The guys at Autobahn Body Works did the final coats. The heater distribution box finished in the proper textured finish black.


The blower motor in my favorite BMW Jet Black.

The Orange Krate

1998 Orange Krate, built by Jimmy Bortles (formerly of Razorback and Trottas Thunder Cycles), with heavy influence by “Minnesota Mike” Marquardt of Redneck Engineering. This one had it’s own V-Twin Magazine feature in May of 2000 after winning the “Custom Radical”class at the Charlotte, NC Easyriders bike show. There was a matching 1969 Schwinn Orange Krate I restored that went with the chopper. That’s my mother gettin’ the feel of the ape hangers!