Beverly Shear Model B2



Need to cut some sheet metal? A long cut? Maybe even a curve here or there?Tired of Home Depot tin snips and cut-off wheels that disintegrate?

Enter the Beverly Shear Model B2. This throatless shear will cut through 10 gauge mild and  14 gauge stainless like the proverbial hot knife through butter, there just isn’t anything better out there, period. These things are built to last, and will most likely make it through a couple generations of your offspring. Manufactured in batches by the same Chicago family, in the same building, since 1925. No website or blog, no Paypal, no commercials, no celebrity spokesperson, no bullshit. Give them a call to put your name on one, you’ll more than likely be talking to the owner, send them a check, and depending on production cycles your new B2 will be on your doorstep in a couple of weeks.

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  1. hi i am interested to know the cost of beverly shear model b2 and let me know that the likelihood that send me to Colombia thanks hope your prompt reply …….

  2. Hi Freddy,
    Give the guys at Beverly Shear Manufacturing a call…..Phone 312-238-0003, I’m sure they can get one to you…….they’ve been at it since 1925! The current cost of a B2 is about $800.

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