Newly built rock sliders for the Bar…….jack test!

IMG_2158Frame mount sliders constructed of 2″ x 4″, 3/16″ thick steel. A Hi-Lift jack can be used at any point along the entire length!


The starting point


Cut to size and shaped to mimic factory sills

IMG_1931The end cap ready to weld

IMG_1935Tacked on then heated to allow a smooth bend

IMG_1937Nice curve, now weld and shape


Welded up………time to grind


All shaped up……now it’s time to build mounts


Two car jacks, two cinder blocks, a couple of brackets welded to the jacks……….it’s a little “farmer”, but effective. These things are heavy, 50lbs.+, so this set up holds them nice and still, and allows you to micro adjust the sliders to match the body line of the truck.


All brackets cut and welded


Once mounted, the sliders stand proud of the truck body buy 1 1/8″ to provide some body side protection for the aluminum


Fresh set of 109 sliders just about finished


Onto the Bridgeport and boring for jack-point installation


Jack-point tubes


Tig welded in


Finished…….off to the galvanizer

4 Replies to “Newly built rock sliders for the Bar…….jack test!”

  1. Use my 1972 SIII 88HT NAS for heavy snow plowing here in Alaska. End up in the ditch with snow up the side or (worse) slide off into bedrock sides of my driveway. Beats hell out of the sills! Do you sell these? I have a local Anchorage welding shop that could install. Galvanized is essential as they still use salt on the roads. Using double studded tires and often x-link chains.
    Thanks in advance
    Fred Arvidson

  2. Hi Fred,
    I would love to build and sell sliders but with so many variations in frames, and body lines (pre & post rebuilds), I’m afraid I would end up with a lot of pissed off customers………….for these things to work and fit like they should they really need to be built to each individual truck with no slop in the mounting points at all. I have a few people that are bringing their trucks to the shop so I can custom fit them……..but I’m long ways away from Alaska!! Maybe your local welding shop may have a guy with some fabrication skills that may want some side work? Sounds like you use the hell out of your truck and set of strong sliders would certainly cure your sill damage problem.

  3. These look fantastic, I’d love to make some myself but I can’t really tell from your photos where specifically you attach them to the vehicle? I have a very similar truck – a 1965 Series 2a but its a SWB, any advise on attachment points? Thanks. Andrew

  4. Thanks Andrew. On an 88 frame you’ll use the bulkhead outrigger (the same mounting as the 109 sliders pictured), and the rear fuel tank outrigger (use the holes that mount the tank as attachment points)……….that should keep you free of body damage!

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