The Tin Shack Jack Piner (2012 Triumph Scrambler)


Ok, shitty photos, but all I have at the moment. This was a total impulse project. I stopped by the BMW/Triumph dealer last summer just to check out the bikes, was hovering around this 2012 Scrambler, got to chatting with the shop owner, he threw me a price, done deal. I always liked these bikes, and really liked what Hammarhead Industries had done with their Jack Piner Scramblers. So, thanks to Hammarhead for the idea and supplying the parts………one week later I had my own Tin Shack Jack Piner.


IMG_0733The Tin Shack Special and Jack Pine

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  1. Hey, like the look, been looking for parts to do a similar mod if and when I get a Scrambler. Where did you get the fenders and the seat for this ‘Piner’? Is that the gel seat from triumph or is it from Hammarhead? It doesn’t look like the website for Hammarhead is up anymore.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Hi Bill,
    Thanks for the compliments on the Jack Piner Scrambler. I did purchase the bike bone stock in 2012 from my local Triumph dealer and did the conversion myself. The fenders, Zard low pipe, and LED blinkers came from Hammarhead…….and it looks like they’ve been closed up for some time now, bummer, they had some cool ideas and nice product. I have no idea what happened there.
    -The seat is a stock Triumph gel seat that I found on ebay, I pulled the cover off and shortened the pan about 4 inches then had a local upholsterer reconstruct the foam and cover.
    -Alloy fenders can be purchased from either 7 Metal West ( Speed & Sport ( rear that I just installed on my ’71 T100 Desert Sled came from Speed & Sport…..but check out 7 Metal West too, they do some off the charts fenders with center ribs and in copper or brass……very cool.
    -EFI tune was done by the dealer, it’s the same tune used for the 2-into-1 Arrow pipe installation.
    -The LED brake light came from Custom Dynamics (, it works really well and is super bright, but I like the looks of the one that Lossa Engineering offers better (
    -The handlebars are another ebay find, just some NOS ’70’s vintage MX bars. I would highly recommend a bar from Front Street Cycle in stainless. I bought a bar from them for the ’71 T100, their stainless desert sled Webco reproductions…..they’re off the charts nice, just beautifully made. Get them at Front Streets ebay store (
    -Misc. stuff, grips are Oury MX, rear view mirror is a Joker Machine bar-end piece, right side cover is off a Yellow Bonneville painted flat black, rear leather bag is a Brooks bicycle tool bag, side plate mount I just made out of some stainless plate I had in the shop, and the countershaft sprocket cover obviously came from Mule Motorcycles (the nicest countershaft cover available).
    I think that covers it………let me know if you need any other info., and if you’re still looking for a Scrambler in a couple of months this one will be for sale.
    Thanks again,

  3. I really love your creation. I don’t understand how you put the seat on after shortened the pan. I mean, how did you refix the screws?
    Thank you. Great job.

  4. Thanks David…….the seat fastens to the original spot in the rear. I made a couple of metal straps, riveted them to the shortened seat pan so they reach out behind the shorter seat and screw into the stock location. The Brooks tool bag hides the metal straps……the upholstery guy that did the seat made some holes in the tool bag and pressed in brass grommets, so to remove the seat you just open the tool bag and unbolt, good to go.
    Thanks for the comment,

  5. Hey thx Colby for the detaied info!!! Far and above. I just landed my scrambler, wished I’d known. I didn’t get a notice letting me know you replied and just checked back today on a hunch to see if you answered. What would you or are you thinking of selling it for? Email me if you’re not willing to post, I may have a friend who is interested. Meanwhile I’ve got some work to do. Thx again. If you put together pics of the seat mod for Dave can I get copies also. Looks like you live in VT by the plates in the pic, too bad, I’m in Maine, oh well

  6. Hi Colby,
    Really nice recreation of the Pine. I’ve been listing over Hammarheads for a while and just landed a 2012 Scrambler. Wondering…what year is yours? Is it carberated pre efi?

    Wondering if mine would look odd with the bigger tank.


  7. Colby,
    Nix my last comment. I see you noted that it’s a 2012 which is great news for me.

    Again, love your nice work on this.


  8. Hi Colby,

    Have been researching on scramblers and came across your project- very impressive. Saw your thinking about a possible sale, if that’s still the case – PM me, i’d be very interested. Thanks!

  9. Hi Kris,
    Thanks for the interest………not quite ready to launch yet, I’ll drop you a note when I put it up for sale.

  10. Hi Colby,
    I’m also very impressed of your seat shortening. It woluld be very great if you could send me some pics of your modified seat pan construction, this metal strap thing.


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