Series 2 109 – Details

A lucky EBAY find, Land Rover Series 2 owners manual still in the original box. I’ve never even seen one……a really cool addition to the 109.

Inside the “To be opened by owner only” box, Owners Manual, Rover Distributors & Dealers, Overseas Service Agents.

Fold out maintenance chart in the middle of the manual.

Along with the manual came two really nice condition original parts catalogues, a Series 1 & Series 2 / 2A. These things are awesome, exponentially better than the reprints available today. These stay with me!

Series 1 models covered.

Series 2

Another highly recommended addition, Pangolin 4×4 leather steering wheel cover. I never gave these a second thought until I bought the red ’59 Series 2 from Ike, which has one of these installed. I know, covering up a freshly restored shiny wheel, but, these are really nice…….they add a lot of grip, look good, smell good, and actually protect all of the work you just put into that old banjo wheel.

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