Side View Mirror Option for Series Trucks

This is the Rizoma “One” Universal mirror, and yes, it’s made for motorcycle use, however it’s also nearly identical to the shape and size of your standard Series Land Rover mirrors………..and an ultra high quality piece.

Beautifully machined aluminum with lazer etched  logo and part number.

Installed………looks that part………mounting thread is 10×1.25, a rubber boot covers the mounting point.

A look from the business end, convex, anti-glare glass.

The bronze spacer I made on the lathe raises the mirror up 1 1/4″. Rizoma makes several different adapters for their mirrors, I go the fabrication route because it’s easier for me to get exactly what I want.

Bottom of the spacer that fits into the fairly large hole in the upper door hinges with mirror accommodations.  If you like wing mounted mirrors these will bolt right in.

Now the caveat, these mirrors are expensive when compared to the plastic import stuff currently available. So if you’re someone that routinely hits the trail and bounces your truck off trees, you may want to stick with the cheaper alternatives, although I’m sure these mirrors will take much more of a beating than the plastic stuff.

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