Series 2 109 Update – When will Winter end?

It’s a running, ready to drive truck……doors, fenders, hood, and five freshly painted wheels with Michelin XZL’s mounted are in the house for safe keeping.

All I need now is for a bitch of a northern Vermont winter to end! There’s still a foot of snow outside, salt all over the roads, etc. This one is not going to get driven through that crap while under my watch.

It’s now just a waiting game.

As soon as the weather turns I’ll spend a day or two fitting the nose and doors.

Then I can start putting some shake-down miles on. There’ll be adjustments, re-tightening, and I’m sure a couple of pain in the ass problems………..all part of the process.

Rear hoop set ready for the “still in the package” series 2 three quarter canvas in British Khaki.

Interior ready for the new Exmoor seats and the resurrected banjo wheel.

Starter handle and jack tool restored and in their proper places.

And to go with the tools, a proper Shelley LJ25C screw jack that would have been in the truck when new. Lucky find on Ebay-UK, a fully operational survivor.

Correct part number.

Pretty simple clean up and paint job.

Ready to go into the tool box.

Now pray for sunshine and warm temperatures!

2 Replies to “Series 2 109 Update – When will Winter end?”

  1. Been dying for an update. This one didn’t disappoint. The truck looks amazing! Far better than new. You have the never ending winter and over in Colorado we’ve pretty much had no winter. Crazy!

  2. Thanks Colin……….this winter started in early December and just never let up…..I’m tired of it!

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