R60/2 Update – 3…………..Finished!

photo 2

90 days beginning to end………tickled the Bings, six kicks and the old /2 fired right up

photo 4

I had static timed the bike, once it was running again I got the old timing light out and the dynamic timing was spot on

photo 3

Let it run for a few minutes, shut it down, gave it yet another “once over”, nothing blatant……both carbs had dripped a little fuel, but that’s normal with fresh washers, that’ll stop as things seat…….nothing that screamed “don’t ride it”, so on went the helmet and I headed down the road.

photo 3

Ran like a champ, all lights work, horn toots, blinkers flash, brakes grab well, clutch grabs, tranny is like butter, and the damn thing just flat out rides great………..once it was up to temperature it had a slight stumble off idle, common for these old Bing carbs, the fix is 1/8 to 1/4 turn richer on the air/fuel mixture screw. Tomorrow I’ll set up a couple of fans, get the bike up to temp., and do some fine tuning of the Bings and do a “by ear” carb balance…….details to follow.

4 Replies to “R60/2 Update – 3…………..Finished!”

  1. You have done a lovely job. It is a good looking bike although my personal favourite of your current bikes has to be the Desert Sled.

  2. Thanks Ian……..this one was a lot of work in a short amount of time. I’m back to finishing your “favorite”, the Desert Sled………..I hope to have that one on the ground and fired by the end of the week.

  3. Hi Jason,
    Thanks very much for the compliment……….the R60/2 is the one bike I have that is not for sale. Way too much history between me, the bike, and the original owner……I’m probably going to be buried with this one!
    Thanks for the interest,

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