Fresh New Look for the Jack Pine Scrambler

photo 3No more flat black………I used the left over International Harvester Tartan Blue, got a used tank and side cover set off fleabay, and now the Piner matches the Bar.

photo 3

I really like this color.

photo 2

The Tartan Blue is a nice compliment to the raw alloy fenders.

photo 2

Yet more cool artwork done by my friend Charlie Decker at Bandit Striping……….no vinyl or ¬†airbrushing here folks…..hand painted.

photo 1

Charlie did an awesome job re-inventing the Triumph / Tin Shack logo.

3 Replies to “Fresh New Look for the Jack Pine Scrambler”

  1. Thanks Bill. The fenders came right from Hammarhead Industries when they were actually in full flight building bikes and selling some really nice parts……but, they’ve closed up shop. Two really good sources for fenders are Speed and Sport
    (, that’s where I got the rear fender for the ’71 T100 Desert Sled project, and for some really cool fenders check out 7 Metal West (, ribbed, bobbed, copper, brass, aluminum……top shelf hand made product.

  2. This looks fab! Great call on the colour, it really suits the shape of the tank and sign writing is lovely finishing touch.

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