Wiring the Desert Sled

photo 1Ok……wiring is definitely not my strong point……..I can tig weld two razor blades together, but can’t solder worth a shit, have always gone to the local hardware store for blister packs of crappy connectors (thank God for britishwiring.com for their complete Land Rover harnesses….they make it easy), and have wiring tools that I think may outdate me……see below.

photo 4

The Triumph Desert Sled requires a complete “one-off” wiring harness that I’ve been putting off doing for weeks……….no……..months. Battery-less system, Pazon ignition, Boyer Power Box battery eliminator, only one 12V coil, no key, just a kill switch………lots of connections.

photo 2

Pazon ignition.

photo 1

The under-tank set up.

photo 3

Other side.

photo 3

I’m not going to give a step-by-step on  how to do this…….it’s actually pretty simple. What I want to do here is hopefully help others with a recommendation for a really slick kit that will make wiring up your custom built motorcycle a breeze.  A couple of months ago Bike EXIF posted an article on how to wire your custom motorcycle:

Motorcycle Wiring 101

It’s a very helpful piece. One of the suppliers recommended in the article is Vintage Connections. They sell everything you need to complete your motorcycle wiring, including high quality tools. I bought the set above that will wire several bikes and their recommended crimping tool, single bike kits are available.


photo 2

This kit made the Desert Sled harness a piece of cake to construct……….I still had to figure out how to make it all work together, but once that was done I just had to start cutting and crimping. These are super high quality kits that take some of the tediousness out of wiring, and will make you look like a wiring hero!

photo 3

No more hardware stores, old tools, or fighting with solder for this kid.

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  1. I hate wiring too but after our 109″ suffered a spate of wiring faults due to 30 year old failing terminals I had to do a major rewire behind the dash. I paid out a fair bit of money for some quality crimping tools and terminals and wow what a difference it makes to use a quality tool. All these years I’ve had problems getting a decent crimp and yet just about every one I’ve done with the expensive tool has been perfect. Money well spent on both tool and terminals!

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