R60/2 Update – 2

photo 1Getting there………engine is essentially together, timed, and ready to fire…….. just waiting for one spring for the magneto advance unit from Bench Mark Works.

photo 2

Another view, and I didn’t realize until I took this photo, but there’s some pretty cool shit in the background…….1963 Land Rover Series 2A 1-Ton Pickup, 2000 Porsche C2 cab, 1973 BMW R75/5 Toaster, 1949 Ford F3 Pickup, BMW “Sharknose” 530, and the 1971 Triumph Daytona Sled up on the table……..nice company for the old “slash 2”.


Got a call from Charlie Decker, Bandit Pinstriping, the tins are finished and they look awesome!!!


They should be back in the shop in a couple of days. If you ever need any striping or lettering done give Charlie a call………..truly exceptional work!


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