Barrington Motor Works BMW R50 to R69US Restoration and Service Manual

photoIf you decide to purchase a vintage BMW /2 (slash two), this manual should be your starting point. The Series Land Rover crowd has what’s called the “Green Bible”……….it’s the go-to manual for all questions about Series Rovers, a tool that’s every bit as useful as an impact wrench or a quality set of Whitworth wrenches. What Barrington Motor Works has produced in this manual is without a doubt the most complete, concise, and informative restoration manual I have ever come across……….I now call it the “Gray Bible”. The amount of information here is staggering, yet so well edited and assembled that it seems when I want information at any stage of the R60 restoration I just reference the index, flip to the desired page and there it is……….no flipping through pages while the frustration builds. I’ve also found that many restoration techniques described in the manual transfer over to the Series Rover hobby.

photo 2

These are “hot sheets” included with the Barrington Manual that act as check lists for critical assembly procedures………and how smart is this……they are laminated so you can use a grease pen……….wipe them clean when you’re finished and use them for the next restoration…….brilliant. Speaking of brilliant, the actual cover of the manual is also coated so that your greasy finger prints wipe right off!

photo 3

Hot Sheets

So, if you’re on the hunt for a Vintage BMW /2 visit the Barrington Motor Works website and order a copy, there’s a very helpful section on what to look for when shopping for your new BMW to get you started on the right side of things.

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  1. Worth every penny in my opinion. Keep in mind the Betjemanns are still restoring bikes and updating their service manuals as new information and processes arise.

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