Additions to the Flock

photo 11973 BMW R75/5 “Toaster” & 1971 Honda CL450

photo 2

Both two owner bikes with original paint and equipment, and both run like new………..way cooler than anything you’ll find on a showroom floor

photo 3

Like I need something else to do in all my spare time………………

2 Replies to “Additions to the Flock”

  1. Are you mad? 😉 Actually don’t answer that as I’m just as bad having just bought yet another non running Land Rover.

    Great bikes however I wonder how long they will remain looking like this, will the temptation to strip, rebuild and modify be too great? 🙂

    I’m just catching up with these posts as I didn’t receive the email notifications of them which is odd as I’ve always got the emails in the past.

  2. Hi Ian,
    Just a bit mad…………the temptation to cut & chop is certainly there on the CL450 (and may happen), but I’ve vowed to leave the BMW R75 “Toaster” alone…….it’s just a really nice bike to ride “as-is”.
    I’ll stay tuned to the “non-running” Rover project……’s a disease!

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