Amal Concentric Carb Cleaning

photo 1Time to dip the twin Amal 626’s and get out who knows how many years of gunk, varnish , and other deposits residing in the carb bodies. I like this Gunk brand cleaner……….the gallon comes with the parts bucket right inside. Fill the bucket / strainer with the disassembled carb, drop it in and take the rest of the night off. I usually do just a 24 hour dip……’ll get all kinds of opinions on how long to leave the carbs in there, one day works for me.

photo 1

Tools……….air gun and a glass cleaner from home…….do not reuse the glass cleaner after cleaning your carbs! And wear rubber gloves, this stuff stinks to high hell and when it gets on your skin it just doesn’t want to wash off.

photo 3

Fresh out of the dip. When you take the part out of the cleaner, rinse thoroughly with water, then wipe down and start blowing out the passageways with your air gun…….wear eye protection here, it’s amazing how much crap comes flying out of old carbs, and you never know where it’s going to come out when you start pushing air through all the passages………somehow it always ends up shooting right at your face.

*I also use a little carb cleaner (spray) post dip/rinse in all passageways…….again, another reason to wear eye protection, carb cleaner and eyes don’t mix

photo 2


photo 4

Cleaned on the left………not so much on the right

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