Nisonger Instruments, British Wiring, Duncan Galvanizing

Three companies I’ve done business with that all provide great service and excellent finished product.


Nisonger Instruments


A freshly restored dual gauge by Nisonger Instruments.

I wish I had taken a before photo of this one because it was trashed and would show the level of expertise at Nisonger.

Even included an O-ring for installation.


British Wiring


A great place to go for a beautifully constructed, cloth wrapped wiring harness for your Series Land Rover.

The main harnesses and fittings.

Correct rubber grommets come already in-place.

They also include a wiring diagram for reference.


Duncan Galvanizing


Located in a suburb of Boston, MA, great work, quick turn around, and no missing parts! There’s a minimum charge of $450 for up to 300 lbs. , so it’s nice if you can team up with other owners. This load I split with Lanny (truck is partially unloaded in the photo) ended up being a 708 lb. run!

A bunch of smaller parts in a couple of spare tire wells.


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  1. I have an NOS one from Ike that was supposed to go into my red ’59, but it will go into this truck instead.

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