Series 2 109 Update

Quite a bit of work has been done on the 109 since my last update, most of which is not too interesting to the seasoned Series Land Rover person………lots and lots of small parts restored, plated, polished, but I feel like I’m long overdue here. I’ll start with some simple before/after shots of miscellaneous parts, and end with a rolling chassis with motor/transmission installed. The truck is now at that jump off point where things start to happen fast, virtually 99% of the heavy lifting has been done, I have a completed rolling chassis, soda blasted body complete and ready for paint, all sub-systems restored, galvanized parts will be ready in two weeks………I gotta get to work……

The rusted and silver painted wiper motors.

Interior shot of one of the motors….old hardened grease, this is nearly always why your wipers are “slow” or “don’t work”. Clean this crap up and they run like new!

Here are a couple of links to how-to articles for wiper motor restoration. Don’t shy away from this project, these are very simple little mechanisms that can be running like new in an afternoon.

Series Rover Lucas Wiper Motor Refurbishment

After………done…..stick a fork in ’em!

Just an after shot on this one, the old Lucas starter switch. It was actually in real nice shape, just a lot of caked on crud.

The water jacket spigot cut off to the heater core. Nice shape, just old.

And now looking like it belongs on the freshly built motor.

The original radiator, the core leaked like it had taken a shot from a 20 gauge, so it now has a new core, pressure tested, and a fresh coat of paint.

Truck cab rear window sliders polished up.

Find another one of these……Series 2 rust free bulkhead in nearly new condition. Media blasted and coated in Pickelex. Next step is prep for epoxy primer then to the paint booth. It’s a mammoth time save to not have any rust repair to do here.

This is huge!  From the great folks at Rovers North, an R Whitehouse and Son freshly rebuilt full synchro box with a high ratio transfer case. These things are industrial works of art inside and out, beautifully refinished and plated on the outside and individually hand dressed gears on the inside……it just doesn’t get any better.

Even better, Rovers North transplanted my Series 2 bell housing and throw-out onto the R Whithouse gearbox.


Body parts back from soda blasting, and my new mega-buck transmission sitting on a spare tire……brilliant.

More blasted body parts collecting……tailgate, doors, and the all aluminum Series 2 seat-box.

A fresh set of Rocky Mountain parabolics and OME shocks.

Presto! Spanking new engine and transmission mated up and in the frame!

Right side.

New brake lines and fittings installed.

Next up, drive shafts go in, freshly rebuilt (Pangolin 4×4) Solex carb will come out of the box and get mounted up, and there’s a new stainless exhaust system on the way. After that, paint and body………..get out the sanding blocks, my favorite!

4 Replies to “Series 2 109 Update”

  1. Thanks Colin, this one is coming together fast. Nice when there’s no rust repair to get mired in.

  2. Just come across this site and really enjoying it so far, only read about your 109 series 2 so far and its lovely to see such attention to the small details. I am currently in the process of stripping my 90 defender in sunny Scotland to build onto a new chassis, never attempted anything like it before but reading things like this just makes me more determined to do it and to do it right and pay attention to the small details.
    Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

  3. Thanks Johnny, glad you’ve found some inspiration here. Good luck with the D90 project!

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