Series 2 109 – Fresh Hardware & Black Paint

About 80% of the original hardware from the ’59 pickup just came back from Bass Plating in Connecticut……looks brand new!

Hard to believe how lousy this stuff looked last summer………lots of stripping and tumbling work between then and now.

And of course, you need to spend an evening sorting.

A whole lot of small parts (some large) in the booth a Autobahn. This took most of a day to just do the set up…….and of course you start painting and every time you hit these small part with the paint gun they start moving around, but the job is finished………one more box checked off!

2 Replies to “Series 2 109 – Fresh Hardware & Black Paint”

  1. I thought it was only me who blew everything about like a wind chime. Long strands of wire tied around the floor venting next time?

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