10 Replies to “The Street Tracker is on Bike EXIF!”

  1. Thanks…….I’m in Vermont. The bike name *Idaho Gem came from the first ever cloned mule (born in 2003 at the University of Idaho), since I pretty much cloned a Richard Pollock aka:Mule street tracker.

  2. Hi Andrew,
    That’s an NRHS ForceWinder…..check out NRHS Performance, tons of cool product for your project.

  3. Man’ i just scored a used sidewinder on eBay $40 i just need to source a filter for it.
    Did you do any mods to engine i see a hsr 42 I think?

  4. I used the AG-1201 and couldn’t be happier, fires that ice cold twin over without a problem………..great product!

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