10 Replies to “The Street Tracker is on Bike EXIF!”

  1. Thanks…….I’m in Vermont. The bike name *Idaho Gem came from the first ever cloned mule (born in 2003 at the University of Idaho), since I pretty much cloned a Richard Pollock aka:Mule street tracker.

  2. Great work!
    Question what brand is your intake elbow? And mount bracket

  3. Hi Andrew,
    That’s an NRHS ForceWinder…..check out NRHS Performance, tons of cool product for your project.

  4. Man’ i just scored a used sidewinder on eBay $40 i just need to source a filter for it.
    Did you do any mods to engine i see a hsr 42 I think?

  5. I used the AG-1201 and couldn’t be happier, fires that ice cold twin over without a problem………..great product!

  6. No internals, just the Mik 42, electronic ignition, and hot coil.

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