Ceramic Coating………. Jet-Hot


Ok, this is a plug for a really good company to deal with, Jet Hot (www.jet-hot.com), the go-to folks for professional ceramic coating for decades. I have a local supplier that has done a lot of coating for me, but only does work in small batches, and some times I end up waiting for a “batch” to develop. This was the case with the stainless muffler above……..once the exhaust system was coated in silver and the stainless muffler added it just didn’t look right……..bad contrast, or lack there of, between the silver ceramic and the stainless. I decided to coat the muffler in satin black ceramic, but the local guy was ¬†quite a way off from getting to it………..enter Jet Hot.


A quick phone call to Jet Hot to describe what your part is and what color and coating you want and you’re given a job number. Pack the part, put the job number on the box, and fire it off………a few days later you’ll get an email that your part has arrived safely and is now in line to be finished………simple!


Seven to ten days later your part arrives………..and the quality of work is amazing!


It just doesn’t get any nicer than this, flawless. This is probably why the company name, Jet Hot, has become synonymous with ceramic coating.


Check them out, they coat all kinds of parts, have enough colors to keep you second guessing yourself for days, and truly are a pleasure to do business with.

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