Series 2 109…….the dirty work


I have a break from the Street Tracker project while waiting for parts, so back to the 109. The body is still at the blasters, next up is remove the engine and get it ready for rebuilding. The drive shafts were pulled first…….pretty sure there was 50 years of grime and paint on both…….the latest paint job being brushed on robins egg blue!


The shafts were first rinsed in a parts cleaner bin, then washed in a high temp, high pressure parts washer, then a little blast cabinet work, then a 4 inch stainless brush on an angle grinder…………..nasty work, but now they’re ready for paint.


U joints are all healthy so they’ll stay in place, I will replace the rusted retainer clips with new. The slip yoke dust caps did not fair as well, both need to be replaced with new parts. Still a speck of the lovely blue pain left there!


One of the still blue mangled dust caps and retaining ring.


To the trash bin.


Replacement dust caps, Spicer part number D2C available at your local heavy truck (Peterbilt, Kenworth) sellers parts dept., or on-line at


Another example of the ubiquitous blue paint! Any place a brush could reach got the “blue treatment”.


This was a nice surprise, a Mean Green gear reduction starter. I installed one of these on the Merc……great little starters………….and it didn’t get painted blue.


The engine pretty much stripped and just about ready to come out.


Time to rig up the hoist and get a pallet ready. It’s best to strip the engine of ancillary components while sitting in the frame like this……….it’s at the right height, easy to get to and work around (easy on the back for us old dudes).


Solex degreased and ready for a rebuild also………the carb is all there and in very good shape already, so this will make a great addition to the fresh motor.


Engine is out, now the tranny……..years of grime need to come off.


Out and in the bed of my truck……..first coating of grease has been removed.


If you decide to do this it doesn’t hurt to tape up this breather hole on top of the tranny.


So, a 55 gallon drum of this stuff, Citra-Sol, some brushes, scrapers, and power washer…….fun stuff!


Getting there……….this is about a three hour nasty job.


Pretty well cleaned and back in the shop.


The next trick will be adapting this bell housing to a Series 3 full synchro gearbox so that I can maintain the Series 2/early 2A throwout assembly, thus not requiring  a cut into the Series 2 frame cross member for Series 3 clutch slave clearance.

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