Mule Parts Have Arrived


Widened seven spoke wheel, GSXR 750 forks, custom triple, beautiful rotors, and calipers………the quality of work is something you would expect to roll out of a Formula One garage


Stock GSXR lower triple mated to custom upper & stem


Rear brake hanger with Brembo claiper


Front floating rotors


Rear stopper


Custom made rear sprocket and expertly done safety wiring

9 Replies to “Mule Parts Have Arrived”

  1. I’m liking this build! I built a XS tracker a while a go i went full bore like you are.
    I just got a sportster to start another tracker build i have kz rims all ready with ( my own hub adaptors) and r6 forks.
    Can you tell me what year Suzuki forks you are using?
    Are you planning on making your own pipes?
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Ace,
    Sounds like you’re developing a tracker habit. The forks are 2001-03 vintage GSXR 750. I am making my own pipes, I’ve purchased all of the tubing/bends, collector from Cone Engineering and SPD…….both great companies to deal with. Now I just have to invent more time to get them done!
    Good luck with the new Sporty,

  3. Colby,
    Can you tell me how long the forks you are using ? from top to axle center
    My lsat build i used 1991 Gsxr 1100 forks
    I to plan on making my own pipes i just scored a cool sport bike can.
    Are doing two in to one ? or duel pipes?

  4. Hi Ace,
    The forks measure 28 1/4 inches. I am doing a two into one set up.

  5. Thanks,
    I’m doing 2-1 also its better for performance.
    I just ordered my pipe material SS works is in my back yard.
    Also going with Hammer performance for engine mods.
    As you know when you do most of the fabricating it takes a lot of time!!!
    I do my own welding, lathe turning, milling painting, wiring.
    Keep up the good work

  6. Colby,
    I sent you a novella length email that mainly was inspired by our common lust for Series Rovers and HD Street Trackers. Not that they are mutually exclusive entities, just I thought it was very cool that you feature both machines so prominently. My Sporty donor (which has yet to be purchased) will be my first bike in 20+ years!!! And my first Harley. I can’t wait – street trackers are so beyond badass and NO ONE around here has one. I love wrenching, rebuilt my ’64 88″, and am itching to do a low-buck EVO engine street tracker. I’ll shoot you some pics when I get my donor bike (hopefully a decent one can be had for <$3000, yes?) All the best, thanks so much for posting all this cool inspirational stuff!

  7. Thanks for the compliments, glad the tracker has provided some inspiration for you. Mid / late 90’s Sportsters seem to be a dime a dozen on Craigs, and yes, $3k should buy a good one. If you go pre ’98 you will not have to mess with emissions and lean sensors if you plan on digging into the motor at all. Good luck with the project and send photos as you get them.

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