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  1. Ah, so can you turn those to open the pipes up?
    Also, after getting hold of a Bates scrambler seat kinda bit the bullet and started buying the rest of the bike to go with it, so a T100R it is, it wasn’t going to work on the T150.

  2. Hi Johm,
    Yup………..just flip ’em sideways and you have open pipes……..kind of. I’m guessing the Bates seat may have cost you as much as the bike will. I tracked the Bates seats on EBAY for a while and finally gave up and made one. I agree on the T100R for a sled build…………something about that compact 500 motor. Send photos as the build progresses.

  3. Neat, are they NOS or something? never seen those before.
    I dropped super lucky with the seat, guess not many people here in England knew what it was or are too busy restoring back to standard so grabbed it for $85, was shocked, know what you mean though, some of the ones on ebay are just trash for silly money!
    I’ll be sure to Colby, just collecting parts for it at the mo, only have a 69 engine, 73 frame, front wheel and a few odds and ends, got a chrome oil tank from a chop and a few other bits coming from the USA as we speak.
    Between you’re build and a bunch of old pics I should have plenty of inspiration to keep me motivated.

  4. Yes…….NOS EBAY stock…….they’re getting a bit tougher to come by, but do show up now and again. Wow……..$85 for a real Bates seat is a steal. I gave up after tracking several torn up and rusted piles of junk that went for $300 – $500 on EBAY.

  5. Not looking for an $85 still-in-original-package pair of Snuff-or-Nots. I don’t care if they are old used ones. I’m just scrambling for a pair for my 305 Scrambler. Any ideas where I can find a pair. $85 is ridiculous.

  6. Hi Lee,
    Sorry, but I don’t…………I would save a search on EBAY and hope for the best.

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