Problem Solver Parts from The Factory Metal Works

I received some parts today for the T100R Daytona from The Factory Metal Works

Check them out, they build some spectacular Triumph and BSA powered bobbers, and have a great inventory of parts to help you build your own. Todays package from The Factory was made up of what I call “problem solver” parts.

photo 1The first problem solver……….get rid of that pitted, ratty points cover………a nice finned cover……very cool.

photo 5



The second problem solver…….if you decide to not run instruments this little tack drive needs to come off the motor.

photo 3

And now you have a hole with a reverse thread ready to puke oil.

photo 4

Reverse thread bolt for the tach mount hole…..just add crush washer and you’re good.

photo 5

Simple solution that you won’t find at your local hardware store.

photo 1

Third problem solver, crankcase breather………get rid of the large yellowed hose.

photo 2

Machined adapter with set screw, takes a 5/16″ hose of your choice to run where it will make sense for your application.

photo 3

Slick…….three problems solved thanks to The Factory Metal Works.

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