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Autoweek did a nice article on the British Invasion in Stowe, VT that’s been posted on their website Both “The Bar” and “The Merc” made it into the piece…….pretty fun seeing both trucks on a large site like Autoweek.

The link:


“This sharp Land Rover Series II pickup was one of our favorites.
There were so many niceย Land Roversย at British Invasion this year, we barely had time to see them all. But this Series II covered pickup was in good shape, and is actually a rare variant when it comes to Series II Land Rovers in the U.S. We counted at least five Land Rover pickups this year.”
Well………they were close……’s a IIA, pretty much brand new top to bottom (at the time of this photo the truck had about 30 miles on it), and actually not so rare a truck in the USA, but still very cool that it was singled out as one of their favorites.

“This Land Rover was in ridiculously good shape.”

The Merc…………actually is ridiculously clean for a 1960 Series II 88.

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  1. LOL, well done for being featured ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS. I owned a rover SD1 (also shown in that link) many years ago but it had the proper UK spec flush lights, I’m not keen on the twin recessed circular ones on that US spec car. Mine was not a V8 but instead it was a 2.6 six cylinder twin overhead cam and with twin SU carbs. Took ages to get them setup to run properly. It was a nice car but very heavy and drank fuel at such a rate that I sold it before finishing its refurbishment. I think the V8 was actually more economical!

  2. Anyone that installs and properly tunes a pair of SU’s should automatically receive some sort of award/certification/knighthood………congratulations on getting the SD1 running properly and getting rid of it!

  3. LOL, what do I get for managing to tune a set of FOUR SU’s on a Boxer manifold on my Rover V8???? ๐Ÿ˜‰ (It did take me three months though)

    After that experience I gave up with petrol engines and have stuck with diesels ever since ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. You get the “I learned to walk away from impossible project cars that absorb way too much time, money and spirit” award!

  5. The wheels are Land Rover part #FV2000727, 5.5×16, tires are the old BFG Mud Terrains in 235/85/16

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