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  1. Congratulations!
    Ian (Mud4fun) introduced me to your site & I ‘ve been following along in awe. I can only hope that my ’66 will look half as nice once completed. BTW… I noticed you got a new heater switch for your Kodiak (I’ll be picking one up as well). Since the proper knobs are nowhere to be found, Cole Hersee offers a similar one for that switch (part #8113-10). It won’t say “Heater” but it should be a close match to the other chrome knobs.

    Great Job!

  2. Hi Charles,
    Thanks very much for the compliments. I really like Ian’s sight (http://mud4fun.wordpress.com)…….his VERY specific description of hardware he used on his pickup cab installation was a great help.
    Thank you for the heads up on the Cole Hersee switch knob……..I ordered one today. The switch I used is actually a Cole Hersee part, just a lousy looking plastic knob. I thought I could machine the switch post to fit the original Kodiak knob but I went a bit too deep and the original Kodiak knob wouldn’t work……….so you’ve solved a problem for me!
    Good luck with the ’66!

  3. Funny, it was Ian’s fantastic posts regarding his p/u cab that first introduced me to his site!… and by association to yours. Now, you both have me terrified of fitting those quarter windows in “Gracie” (my Landy)!

    Have fun at “The Invasion” – Great write up in Autoweek!
    (fully deserved in my opinion; you have beautiful vehicles)

  4. Hey there… me again, with a quick question regarding heater knobs…
    … you don’t happen to know of a source for the original “kodiak” switch facenut, do you? The new Cole Hersee heater switch only came with a plain-Jane facenut. I’m hoping to find one similar to the original. CH doesn’t have them in their catalog… so I’m beating the bushes. Just thought I’d ask…

  5. Hi Charles,
    Wow…….you’re really digging for “original” now! To be honest I’ve never really looked for them because until now every heater I’ve installed has been pretty rough, but complete. The one guy that I can think of that may have some, or at least a source is Ike Goss at Pangolin 4×4. I’ve purchased my last two Kodiaks from Ike, and he never seems to be short of them.
    http://www.pangolin4x4.com/ or 541-606-0095
    Good luck in your search,

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