It’s a truck…………..pretty much.

photoWell, the 109 pickup is pretty much finished………..just need to install the inner fender splash panels, slide the hood on (bonnet for you UK guys), and align the front end. I hope to take a shake-down drive tomorrow.


I left the Rocky Mountain door tops in raw aluminum………not crazy about it, they’re going to get painted body color.




Salisbury…….front and rear on this truck.


Did the bed in this truck in 3/4 inch Cypress planks………..kind of a fun project, and actually easier and about the same cost as doing a new aluminum sheet.

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  1. Looking fab 🙂

    I was going to do a wooden bed floor in our 109″ which needs new floor and supports. You beat me to it! Having seen yours I will be doing the same as it looks great.

    I left my RM door tops bare and I also feel they will be better in body colour. Sadly I’ve run out of the original custom mixed paint so will probably have to leave them now. They don’t look as ‘out of place’ on my pale green truck as they do on the marine blue though.

  2. Thanks Ian. The wood bed floor actually worked out better than I thought once all the figuring was completed. I rebuilt a bed for a guy last winter that needed a rear body angle, two new rear panels, and a floor …….using a heavy sheet of aluminum and countersunk solid rivets to do the job properly is a HUGE pain in the ass, and expensive (the aluminum alone is close to $300)……so, wood is a nice option, and if you don’t like the way it looks, change the species (a lot easier than doing a color change).

    I didn’t paint the door tops based on your truck actually…….I think they look great on your pastel green truck, but for some reason they really stand out on this blue truck, so, off to the paint booth this week. It never ends!

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