Installing Pickup Cab Corner Glass

photoA pain in the ass (and fingers) job I thought might be worth sharing how I get it done.


The tools……….simple huh? Some Vaseline (some folks prefer a bottle of window cleaner) and old school window grommet tools given to me by my friend John White.


I install the rubber grommet into the body frame without the glass, then run a bit of the Vaseline around the grommet where the glass will press in (go easy on the Vaseline, it doesn’t take much).

Next I carefully press the glass into the channel where it will reside for hopefully a long time. It helps to have one of the soft glass tools here to coax the glass into the grommet channel.

Now the fun………….the rubber sealing strip needs to be pressed in. Get your Vaseline or window cleaner out…………I put a bit on the grommet and on the strip. Start pressing in the strip directly opposite the cut in the main grommet. This is the pain in the ass/fingers part, and requires some patience and one of the soft tools too “work” the strip into the channel.

photoThis is my favorite……….an old Pilkington glass tool. It has a rounded end and a squared off end, and is made of a relatively soft plastic that’s easy on the grommet, new paint, and fingers when you slip and stab yourself with it…………it will happen.


Once everything is snug, clean up your Vaseline finder prints (the window cleaner users have a cleaning advantage here) and get the top installed.

For a very nice step-by-step instructional on getting these pickup cabs put together and installed visit Ian does a great job of documenting the installation, laying out the hardware needed, and some custom touches he’s done on his own trucks.

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  1. LOL, you made that sound easy. Mind you I’d made the mistake of getting Britpart seals which were made of far less flexible rubber. Getting those locking strips in was such a nightmare we got a local Land Rover specialist to do them in the end. I’ve since felt the difference between Britpart and some higher quality UK made seals and the difference is significant so would probably have made installation alot easier. You live and learn!

  2. May sound easy, but it’s not! I was lucky enough to get a lesson on these from Lanny Clark a few years ago……I was fighting to get the roof glass into a tropical 109 roof top, gave up, and Lanny showed the way. Vaseline and patience man.

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