Exhaust for The T100R Sled

photoThe guys at The Factory Metal Works, Concord NC made these left side high pipes for me…………..VERY nice work! Be sure to check them out, they build some very cool bikes and have a ton of parts for these old Triumphs.


Beautiful ceramic coating (The Factory calls it “cool chrome”)


Included with the pipes are these front motor mounts that the right side pipe snakes through (I taped the mounts up to keep from scratching the ceramic coating while messing around with fitment). There’s also a rear mount that keeps the pipes aligned, it attaches to the the rear motor mount.

2 Replies to “Exhaust for The T100R Sled”

  1. I’m sorry but the claw hammer in the picture doesn’t look like the proper tool to working on this bike with.??

  2. Hi John,
    No kidding! Stay away from the painted bits with that one. That’s my old (40 plus years now?) Estwing finishing hammer that I use with an impact driver to break loose the buggered up case screws on the engine.
    Thanks for the comment,

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