Triumph T100R Desert Sled Progress


The “Sled” is coming along. When I have spare time in between Rover projects I tinker with the old Triumph. Recent additions are 13″ Hagon shocks, a raw aluminum fender from Speed and Sport, and a Webco replica oil tank from the guys at 3 Q Carroll Racing Products.


Nice fender, thanks


Left side oil tank


Business side of the tank. The tank does come set up with the proper bungs for feed, return, and rocker feed. Thanks to the guys at 3 Q!

6 Replies to “Triumph T100R Desert Sled Progress”

  1. Sorry for the delay on the tire specs:
    Front – Ensign Trial Universal 110-100/19
    Rear – Dunlop D606 120-90/18

  2. I’d love to get some more info on the oil tank but, is down. Any other contact info for them?

  3. Hi Brian,
    I sure hope Ray hasn’t closed up shop…….hopefully it’s just the site that’s down. Try this number,503-841-6937, the man you want to talk to is Ray Carroll.

  4. Shoot! I tried to reach Ray, but the number and website no longer work. I wanted to buy one of those oil tanks. Any info on how to get one would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  5. Hi Lew,
    Sadly Ray passed away a couple of years ago and I’m unsure of anyone that makes tanks to fit those old Triumph frames. You may find something, or maybe a lead by searching through the VFT.ORG website. And of course the usual EBAY saved search for an original Webco, they do in fact turn up now and then.

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