Not a Series Rover………………

Just a bit out of the Series Land Rover realm. 1996 Ford F350 XLT with a 460CI big block, C6 transmission and twin fuel tanks………which it needs. I really like these square bodied Fords.

This one came from a local collector that has a warehouse with everything from Mclarens and Lambos to stuff like this F350………..very eclectic taste, but all of the vehicles are nearly new. During a recent “thinning of the herd” this Ford came available, I didn’t really need it, but heard that a prospective buyer was going to turn it into a Vermont plow truck……. 9 1/2 foot plow and a sander in the back…….a certain slow death for an exceptional truck, so I stepped in and bought it.

Yes, that reads 9,581 miles…..this truck deserved to be saved from a life of slamming into snow banks and spreading salt. So, I plan to just clean what needs to be cleaned. The truck needs new tires due to age, I’ll service the brakes and hubs, basically give it a clean bill of health after having sat for most of it’s life, and hopefully find a new owner that will get some enjoyment from the truck without abusing it.

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  1. Hopefully a lot!! Seriously, I really don’t know and have yet to put it up for sale. People come in the shop and fall all over themselves looking at it (we call it “big red truck syndrome”), and all seem to have a “Ford guy” friend that’s going to have to have it, but no one has stepped up yet.

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