Series 2 109 Update – Wire & Rivets!

The Series 2 cloth wrapped harness arrived courtesy British Wiring quite a while ago, but now it’s time to hook it all up.

This is when it’s handy having Lanny Clark as a close neighbor!

Lanny came to the shop to make sure everything goes in the right place……….priceless!

Dash all wired up and pretty much in place. The coiled up purple/white wire will go up the middle of the windshield frame, under the headliner and power an interior lamp…………first one I’ve ever had in a Series truck.

Another benefit of having Lanny in the shop…….you get a running list of recommendations of this goes there, change that, you need this, move that, let me show you how to do this. One of the parts recommendations was a proper Lucas alternator for a very original truck. The 109 had come with an Ike conversion already installed and I had purchased a new “Advance Auto” typical alternator……..had to go. So a call to Ike at Pangolin and I had a really nice Lucas 17ACR on the way.

Lucas alternator, ready to plug in. When you order a harness from British Wiring just let them know you’re running an alternator conversion and the plug is included, simple!

Another rarity that Ike found for me………a flasher indicator light for the old Series 2 flasher switch.

The signal unit assembled………

and in place.

At home next to the Nisonger restored dual gauge.

Rivets…………a lot of rivets………the freshly galvanized cross members installed. Quarter inch solid rivets on the ends, sealed pops in the middle.

Semi tubular rivets…………..attaching the roof skin to it’s base………..tedious work.

92 hand squeezed rivets! Time to rest.

The dash is pretty much sealed up. Next up, steering column goes in, then it’s on to bed, seat box, floors, doors, wings, roof, body cappings……………so much for rest!


4 Replies to “Series 2 109 Update – Wire & Rivets!”

  1. If I hit the lottery, Colby, you will be one of the first people I call. I know you don’t restore these for other people, but I will give you whatever amount you want to change your mind.

    I love seeing the signature Tin Shack Restoration Tupolev bomber wind-up clock. Man I can’t wait for this one to be done! I’m sure you feel the same.

  2. Hi Colin,
    Here’s to hoping you hit that lottery ticket!! I really thought this one was going to finish up by late last summer, but little details and wait times have hung it up….you know how that goes. I do love those clocks…….sounds like a ticking bomb and glows 24/7……gives the dash a little attitude!
    Thanks for the note,

  3. Interested to know how the alternator conversion will work with the dash voltmeter, or is it being replaced?

  4. Yet to be seen. When I purchased the truck it had already been converted from generator to alternator, and pos. to neg. ground. When delivered I drove it off the carrier and into the shop where the project began, and honestly, I didn’t even look. It was running very poorly and I was happy to limp it into it’s spot. I hope to be starting it for the first time in about two weeks so I’ll find out then. If it’s in-op it will get replaced.

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