Street Tracker Update – 9


Time to make an exhaust……see those headers on the top shelf? Not using any of those……yet.


Ordered up a couple of boxes of bends from Cone Engineering.


Cone Engineering


Says it all.

IMG_0664Also a 2-into-1 collectors from SPD Exhaust……REALLY nice stuff!


Got this from Cone too….helps mark where you want to cut the bends.


And there’s a fair amount of cutting involved.


Really helps to have one of these to…..Tig welder.


Gotta start somewhere…..the rear pipe placement was dictated by the lines of the engine, especially the timing cone, so that’s where I started. The front pipe will loop down close to the oil filter housing then come up on top of the rear pipe and hopefully be parallel.


Notice the stainless hose clamps with punched holes……another Richard Pollock recommendation. Once you’re happy with fit and location, sneak that tig torch in there and tack the seams through the punched holes.


One pipe down……love the SPD collector.

cropped-IMG_0674.jpgRear pipe in the vice for a few more tacks just to make sure nothing lets loose.


Front pipe is a bit less complicated than the rear, the difficult part is making sure it lines up with the collector.


All lined up.


A stainless reverse cone to end things.


Springs in place to hold the slip on collector in place, and stainless bracket to support the weight of the system. Now it’s off to the bench to do the final tig welds……that will only take a day…..then to a local speed shop that does ceramic coating. I don’t even want to talk about the time invested here!

7 Replies to “Street Tracker Update – 9”

  1. Can you believe how heavy the cast frame horns are? (the ones you cut off)

  2. Sorry for all the questions.But tracker builders are of a few.

    Do you have a projected weight ? id like to know the weight when finished
    Are you running turn signals ? and a full size head light?
    Our builds are very similar, I’m running a glass tank, I may do oil tank under fuel tank (if i can fit it) and my rear rotor is not solid its a flat track wave rotor.

  3. No projected final weight, an educated guess would be maybe 30lbs lighter than stock……lots of steel has been replaced with aluminum. Using the stock headlight with a Mule/Joker Machine mount. I really like the oil tank in the frame backbone if you have the room…..very cool.

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