Street Tracker Update – 7


Right side foot peg / master cylinder mount mill work.




Spacers… can there be this many different sizes for what seems to be a simple design???


In place.


Chainsikle peg mount and Brembo master in place…….looks pretty cool. Now just need to pick out a reservoir and find a place to hang it.


Roughed out top shock mounts made on the mill and lathe.


The 5/8″ radius miter snugs the mount base tightly against the rear frame tubing (the photo is of scrap tubing on the bench used for test fitting). The tubes turned down in the previous photo slide into the mount base hole……this will allow me to move the shock right/left to make sure vertical position is correct before welding. I’ll add another photo soon with the mount clamped in place to give a better idea of how this will hopefully work!


Mount in place on the frame. The tube will move left /right to allow for vertical alignment of the rear shocks before being welded into place.


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