Overlay (Cheater) Sprocket for the T100



The folks at Rebel Gears delivered big time on service, knowledge, and product! I received my 56 tooth overlay sprocket today.


I called Rebel Gears a couple of weeks ago not knowing a thing about overlay sprockets and got a free education and a beautifully machined sprocket. They could not have been any nicer or more helpful than they were. The current owners father was making these sprockets, both solid and two piece, all the way back into the 1950’s!!


Perfect fit


I see no reason to go anyplace else for a custom sprocket………….beautiful work here.

4 Replies to “Overlay (Cheater) Sprocket for the T100”

  1. Hi Nick,
    Contact the guys at Rebel Gears (www.rebelgears.com)……..they’ve been making these things for over 50 years. Just let Rebel know what size sprocket and chain is on your bike currently, they’ll figure out what you need from there.

  2. just love this bike are now building one my self I have just got a 73 500 daytona . I have lots of questions 1st is why a overlay sprocket and not a bigger one piece one and do you have to have the cover on it if its an overlay one thanks

  3. Hi Warren,
    When researching overlay sprockets I was told that they were used for ease of changing (four bolts that are easy to access, slide the axle a bit to the right and it’s off) to either a different overlay or back to street gearing (many of these bikes were used for desert and street use). The cover is optional, in the desert racing days they doubled as a chain guide and guard……chain technology back then was no where near what it is today, many steps were taken to prevent breakage.
    Good luck with the project,

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