New Addition to the Shop………1971 Triumph Daytona!

photoHow cool is this! 1971 Triumph T100R Daytona…………that means twin carb, 500cc little hot rod. The bike showed up at a local shop called “The Daily Rider” in Burlington, VT. It’s a numbers matching example with 14k miles and runs like champ. The bottom end was redone by the guys at “The Classic Bike Experience” (see Cafe Racer TV), it’s got ┬ánew rubber, and only leaks a little bit of oil…….perfect! I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, I’ve had an itch to do a vintage desert sled ever since dolling up the 2012 Scrambler last summer. Who knows, it’ll come to me……..or I can just leave it alone and ride it………it looks great just as it is!

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  1. A friend says his single carb 1971 Triumph 500 is a Daytona. I told him a Daytona has twin carbs. Am I all wrong? Thanks, Johnny

  2. Hi Johnny,
    Truth will be in the engine stamp…..left side top of the case just under the barrel. T100R is a Daytona (twin carb), T100C is a Trophy (single carb). I think there may be some T100S models out there to, I’ll leave that to the experts. I have seen more than a few T100R’s converted over to a single carb for simplicity sake, your friend may have one of those? Check the stamp for proof when your buddy isn’t looking then make a good sized wager that you know what it is.

  3. I have a 71 Triumph 500 Trophy and I’d like to replace the single carb with a new one. Any ideas on where I might find one?

  4. Hi Jerry,
    Both Lowbrow Customs and British Cycle Supply should have what you need. I got my Amal rebuild kits from Lowbrow Customs……..great guys and a very cool site.

  5. Hi John,
    Yes, whatever is stamped “T100R”, be it the engine or frame, or both, is a Daytona. If the engine is stamped “T100R” and has a single carb, I’m guessing that somewhere along the line an owner swapped the dual carb head for a single set up. I’ve seen this swap done on a few bikes, usually for the purpose of either easier tuning or aesthetic.

  6. Colby, I have 1971 stamped T100R which has single carb. What is the benefit of the single versus double? More fuel efficient? Do the duel carbs produce more power?
    Any insight would be appreciated.

  7. Hi Dave,
    The benefit of a single carb is simplicity, particularly when it comes to tuning the engine. The dual carb bikes do produce marginally more power……the twin carb Triumphs were known as the more performance oriented bikes, Bonneville & Daytona. Personally I really like aesthetic of the single carb motors, just the simplicity of it. If/when I get around to building another Triumph (hopefully a little bobber) I will use a single carb, Tiger 650, motor.
    Have fun with it!

  8. Colby,
    Thanks for the note. It’s nice to hear your thoughts on the single carb simplicity. This is my first project bike (although it’s in great shape) so simple will let me ease into it a bit.
    I sent a note to the guy who I got it from to ask him if he bought it like this or had it modified for some reason. He bought this Daytona new in late 1971 put 5500 miles on it and stuffed it into a shed. The last time he licensed it was ’78. As you can guess, I’m thrilled.
    What is your favorite resource for tidbits and little gems of info on this vintage Triumph?

  9. Hi Dave,
    My pleasure, and sounds like you got yourself a good one. It’s nice to start with a decent runner, non rusted, not crashed, etc, etc, bike. For resources I’ve spent a lot of time on the internet, the British Cycle Supply site is a good spot (, I’m very fortunate in that I live about ten miles for The Classic Bikes Experience (they were featured on Cafe Racer TV a couple of years ago), great guys and they let me stumble around and ask questions all day. When I first picked up the Daytona they did hand me an original parts book for the bike……absolutely a must, you can find reproductions on ebay cheap. Otherwise, cruise the internet, find stuff you like, ask questions, send emails……I’ve found the British bike enthusiasts to be one of the best group of hobbyists I’ve ever run into.
    Thanks again and keep me posted on your progress,

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