Hammers, Dollies, Files and Time…………

No, this is not a new lyric for the Simon & Garfunkel song, it’s whats required to straighten out old aluminum body panels.


Pictured above, three Martin body hammers with Ash handles (composite handles are available, I like the feel of the wood handles), three dollies, a slapper, and two body files (one medium & one fine cut).


Flat v Crowned face hammers (you actually need both)…………not many curved surfaces on Series Rovers, but when you get to them (upper fender skins, leading/trailing roof edges), you’ll need a hammer with a crowned surface or you’ll end up with a lot sharp “smile” dent in you panels.

If you’re going to try to hammer out dents and straighten your Birmabright panels, buy some quality tools (I like the Martin stuff), do some research on-line (TM Technolgies & Kirkham Motorsports are good resources), and use an old body panel to practice on………and practice……….and practice. Don’t just buy the on-sale hammer & dolly combo at your local auto parts store and start banging away at that dent caused by the errant Hi-Lift Jack! You’ll just end up with a stretched out panel and lots of frustration…………….shrinking that bubble you just produced in your front wing is the true “black art” of hammer and dolly work.

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