The Jack Pine Gets Some Mule DNA

I’ve wanted to either make or purchase a countershaft sprocket cover for the Triumph since I bought the bike, but never really found anything that excited me, and the time to actually make one, or mill the existing cover just isn’t available at the moment. I’m a frequent flyer on Richard Pollocks site………if you’re a “street tracker” lover, or even just appreciate great bike design and engineering you need to check out Mule Motorcycles………..set aside some time, lots to see! Richard is now selling some of his custom designed parts for the modern Triumphs, and one of those parts is a beautifully designed countershaft cover.


The cover, spool type spacers, & hardware.


A countershaft cover that you won’t see everywhere!


Close up…….fits perfectly and undoubtedly the highest quality after market cover available.

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