New Project, 1962 Series IIA 109 3-Door………With A Ton of History

1962 Series IIA 109 3-Door Wagon purchased from Ike Goss/Pangolin 4×4 who purchased the 109 from the family of the original owner. * Thanks Ike for letting this one go.
A very original truck with an absolute ton of history. Purchased new in Europe by an Olympic College mathematics professor, it was used to tour through Europe (photos to follow) and then shipped to the states where it remained in his possession until Ike purchased the truck from the family in 2019.
The original flat front apron still in tact, very nice deluxe hood. One of the dreams the original owner had for the truck was to add a Dormobile roof…….probably a result of having slept on hard ground, or wedging himself into the back of the 109 to spend a night on the ribbed floor runners.
Ike and I both agreed that if the truck were to be restored it would be cool to follow the original owners dream of the 109 having a Dormobile roof. Ike sourced a two-bunk Dormobile roof and the truck was shipped to Vermont.
A view inside, super strait panels, factory spare tire well, and twin tool boxes. I’ve already removed the lift gate/tailgate combo for ease of entry/exit as I’ve pecked away at the project.
The rare factory lift-gate and early IIA tailgate. As you’ve probably already noticed the truck had a very unusual paint combination when new of Pastel Green body and Bronze Green roof.
A really nice and original interior……..the banjo wheel, shin-burner Smiths heater, and I’m pretty sure all but the drivers lower pad of the seats are the original elephant hide material.
Jack tools and seat stops still in-place.
The original 2.25 still runs strong but will get a complete rebuild………..8:1 head, Stellite valve seats……the usual.
Before leaving Pangolin 4×4 I asked Ike to use his jig and trim the left front wing to make room for a Series III brake tower……….I know, sacrilage to some, but my plan for this truck is to make as easy to drive/live with as possible, so four wheel disc brakes will be installed. I’ve found over the years that a “warmed up” 2.25 is a great match for the 109 pickups and 3-doors………..the big drum brakes work just fine, but discs will be better, and far easier to service and maintain. Let the debate begin………..I have my finger on the mute button.
Some photos of the truck on it’s maiden voyage through Europe.
The 1962 Land Rover order guide.
The checked off equipment list in the order guide.
The original owners manual and well used Workshop Manual.
Owners Club card for the European trip.
Ready for competitions……..whatever they were………

The original owner reached out twice to Martin Walter LTD to inquire about converting his 109 to a Dormobile roof, once in 1964 and again in 1968.

The second letter…..sadly the owner never got his Dormobile roof……………it’s getting one now!
The mid-1960’s Dormobile brochure that probably sat on the original owners desk for years.
I’m guessing that when the Dormobile roof became a non-starter for whatever reason the owner actually started sketching designs for his own camper roof for the truck.
He was determined! Stay tuned, this one is just beginning.